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Thank you for your interest in your child attending Alice King Community School. AKCS accepts students using a lottery process. In order for your child to be selected to attend AKCS, the lottery application must be completed and submitted. 

Alice King Community School will accept lottery applications for the 2021-2022 school year for grades K-8 from February 1st through March 11th. Openings will be filled based on the order in which applicant names are drawn. Applications submitted after March 11th will be added to the waitlist in the order that they are received. 

Please note: The lottery does not guarantee admission; it determines preference in filling available openings based upon the order in which the names are drawn. As openings become available, parents will be notified by phone beginning in April if their child is selected to fill that opening. 24 hours are given to accept proposed placement.

Incorrect information or illegible applications may result in disqualification. Siblings of current students are given preference. 

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Please note: a separate lottery application is required for each child applying.

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