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Bus Information

Alice King Community School has two buses. Both buses pick up and drop off students at Sagebrush Church. Students needing to ride the bus must complete the Bus Registration Form annually. 


Pick-up and Drop-off Location:     

Sagebrush Church, located at 6440 Coors Blvd NW



Students are to arrive no later than 7:45 am to Sagebrush. Students must wear a mask and will have their temperature taken before they can load the bus. Parents are to wait in their vehicle until their child has entered the bus. If your child has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, the child will need to return home with the parent. Students will be socially distanced to the greatest extent possible.

The bus departs a7:50am.

The AKCS staff member cannot watch children until the bus is loaded and ready to go.

Notify the school at 505-344-0746 or [email protected] if your child is not riding the bus on a day that they normally would.



Parents are to arrive no later than 4:00 pm at Sagebrush.

AKCS staff members will not stay to supervise students once the bus arrives.

It is important that you are at Sagebrush when the bus arrives. If you are late to pick your child up from the bus stop your child(ren) may be suspended from riding the bus.



Alice King Community School Bus Rules

AKCS students are expected to follow the same standards of conduct on the bus as they do during the school day.

1.  Be respectful of people and property. 

2.  Keep body parts and personal items to yourself and out of the aisle.

3.  Sit in your assigned seat unless moved by an adult.

4.  Sit still, in your seat facing forward, keep your voice at a level 1 while on the bus.

5.  Wait to eat or drink until you are off the bus.

6.  Leave all electronic devices, including phones, in your backpack.

7.  Enter and exit the bus as you would an airplane, one seat at a time from the front to the back. Remain seated until it is your turn to exit.

8.  Students may not bring personal toys or electronic devices on the bus.

9.  Bullying or physical contact will not be tolerated.

10.  Wear a multiply mask at all times.