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English Language Arts (ELA)

Alice King Community School utilizes a variety of methods to teach the five components of ELA—reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing. Through the use of Common Core State Standards, teachers help students think critically in order to solve problems, comprehend texts, manage information, become an active learner, and have the ability to express their thoughts and ideas in a creative manner. Teachers use assessments to find student’s instructional level, which in turn guides their individualized instruction.
Here at Alice King we use a variety of approaches to best meet our students' needs in the area of reading.  Decoding, phonological awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension are taught explicitly to students.  We also use guided reading, which is a process that uses leveled books to build a bridge from small group instruction to independent reading.

Students at Alice King have opportunities across the curriculum to engage in writing. Teachers conference with students to guide them through the writing learning progression. Students engage in the writing process through the writer workshop.
Our intent is to create a love of reading and writing in all our children!