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Science and Social Studies

At Alice King Community School we believe that children are born investigators and that
science and social studies are an extension of this natural curiosity. Science and social studies instruction at Alice King provides students with opportunities to enhance skills that they can use in their everyday lives, and the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. Activities that encourage critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving are at the forefront of their learning experiences. Students are encouraged to explore materials, ask questions, and creatively express their thinking. This approach also provides natural opportunities for differentiated instruction. To create student-centered learning environments, teachers at AKCS focus on hands-on activities, explorations and extensions through research and service learning projects.

Alice King Community School strives to provide experiences that develop the knowledge, concepts, strategies and skills needed in a diverse and changing world. It is our belief that good instruction is meaningful, engaging, and challenging and will encourage continued and deepened interest and research.

It is our wish to give students the vision, the compassion, and the tools to change the world.