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Math instruction at Alice King emphasizes a focus on building number sense, reasoning, problem solving, and mathematical communication skills. In order to provide students with the strongest mathematical understanding possible, teachers at AKCS use a variety of curricula and approaches in order to teach the Common Core State Standards.

Research shows that there is not one best way to teach math. Rather, it is a combination of different teaching strategies that leads to the highest math proficiency. Here at Alice King we not only want students to know how to compute mathematical equations; we also want students to conceptually understand “why” we solve problems in multiple ways. This way, when students come across a problem they have not previously encountered, they will have the foundation and skills to best approach and solve the problem. It is important that children learn to think and reason independently. 
By using a combination of direct instruction alongside exploration, students will be provided with the necessary computational skills while also fostering curiosity, reasoning, and connections to the real world.

An essential goal of math instruction at AKCS is developing an appreciation of and an interest in mathematics.