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Related Arts Classes

The pull-out classes at Alice King Community School are designed to help students develop creative, cognitive skills through physical activity, technology, visual and performance arts. Through pull-outs, students learn creative thinking skills, decision-making, self-discipline, body awareness, articulating vision, multiple modes of expression, cooperative abilities, and task completion. Pull-out classes help students build lifelong skills that enhance their academic growth and prepare them for their future.


Alice King Community School provides a beneficially comprehensive visual arts program. Interdisciplinary and multi-cultural connections are emphasized as students engage in the hands-on experience of producing works of art using a variety of media while applying acquired concepts and skills. Art lessons are enriched with the integration of art history reflecting art periods, styles, specific works of art and artists. Constructive art criticism is explored through describing, analyzing, interpreting and making decisions about their own artwork and that of others. 


Through weekly music class students gain a functional music vocabulary not only in language, but also in tonal and rhythmic content. They learn to use their voice as a means of expressing musical ideas and concepts. The music curriculum has a heavy focus on creativity through composition and improvisation at all grade levels. Learning to manipulate music through creative projects and activities allows students to more meaningfully interact with musical content in their lives.

Students will gain instrumental music skills by learning an instrument each year. The instrument learned is an accessible instrument that may be used to create melodic, harmonic, and percussive patterns. Students learn to use the instrument in vocal accompaniment as well as ensemble playing.

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the weekly schedule at Alice King Community School. It allows our students to work on a healthy lifestyle at school, while also having a great time with their peers. This is accomplished by using large team games, exercise, health education and discussions. Students will have learned basic athletic skills (throwing, running, skipping, etc.), when they finish the year. More importantly than all of their physical skills, AKCS students learn how to work as a team to accomplish a goal, using good sportsmanship and a great attitude!


Technology is an integral part of the learning process and curriculum at AKCS and continues to change the way we teach.  Educational Technology is a tool that is used to support efforts to educate children, extend learning beyond the classroom, and give them skills in our technology driven world. Students gain confidence in their technology skills by:

  • Learning how to maneuver the mouse correctly,
  • Open, launch, and close programs properly,
  • Acquire keyboarding skills,
  • Work independently in programs,
  • Save and print files,
  • Work in Microsoft Word and Google Docs, and
  • Safely use a web browser and Internet search engines to research.