Parent Teacher Association

2022-2023 Alice King Community School
PTA Officers

Sarah Burnett

Sarah Burnett - President

Feliz Martone

Feliz Martone – Vice President

Shirley Gonzales

Shirley Gonzales – Membership

Andrea Scarberry

Andrea Scarberry – Secretary


To become a member of AKCS PTA and pay the $10 annual membership fee please visit our online store:

Our mission is to create a personalized education in a multiage learning community, inclusive of intelligence type and developmental level, integrating families as essential partners. Multiage classrooms will allow each child to progress at an individualized pace while building a community of learners that is not independent. Our small, caring community will utilize best practices that are based upon recent brain research to keep students’ brains turned on and tuned in. When children complete their time with us they will be prepared to be successful in a changing world. We believe the focus of the PTA should be to help build a stronger school community, and everything we do should reflect that goal. We wish to provide programs that bring our community together. Support teachers in their classrooms, provide fun opportunities for learning for our children and help families feel connected to our school and each other. We will focus on activities that aim for these goals, and reconsider those that draw away from these goals.

We look forward to supporting AKCS this school year. Our goal is to communicate effectively to all parents and teachers of AKCS. If you have suggestions or would like to offer support, we would love to have you!

AKCS PTA email [email protected]